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Rules and Regulations Empty Rules and Regulations

Post by Grundger on Wed Jun 08, 2011 10:24 am

Every server, community or organization for gaming needs rules, obviously...Our rules are in place to keep this a fun, and safe environment for everyone! We ask that you follow ALL these rules to the fullest, not following these rules may get you muted, kicked, or even worse...banned.

No Griefing : Meaning...don't go in other people's chest, house, destroy anything that you didn't place or weren't given permission to destroy and don't be an overall jerk.

Be respectful : Don't be a jerk/douche bag to others. No calling names, no RACISM and nothing that is offensive...being mature falls under this rule.

Do not beg or ask for a staff position or builder status without applying : Right now, there is NO WAY to apply for a staff position. Emailing and messaging staff will get you NO WHERE except decreasing your chances drastically. DO NOT ask for builder status unless you have applied. If you have applied you may let the staff know, not beg them to accept it or look at it right away. We will look at the applications when we have the time.

Keep the world neat : Replant trees, don't make big holes, don't make above ground mines and keep everything real. (No floating houses or buildings, there is gravity in minecraft). Keep it all realistic.

These rules aren't to hard to follow..just follow them and you'll be fine!
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